Quite a paradox. Everyone’s a graphic designer and very few graphic designers are the real thing, in all creative independence, with pleasure at the tip of their mouse or their Japanese brush, with a sense of touch both in their heart and their mind.


The main reason for LN’s existence over the past 15 years has been the mix of codes, without surrendering to any stylistic ideology, with pragmatism as her creative compass.


In today’s jungle of images, the concept of image reigns supreme. That particular species of  icon is the opposite of those clichés, of  that hackneyed prettiness  which no one bothers to read or look at. It is the meeting of intelligence and intuition, creating sparks between the gaze and the mind.


LN addresses all who prefer taste to blandness, language to mystification, humour to tedium.

Individuals looking for something different, associations seeking an adequate language, companies in search of a new alliance with their  publics.